Increase employee retention, management and productivity

When your employees suffer, so does your work. Providing them with essential benefits ensures increased productivity and retention.

Employer providing P.F and ESIC to her cook

Become a socially responsible employer

Pay timely salaries along with social security benefits to your gig, household, temporary and informal employees

Salary payments in 3 easy steps

  • Add Employees

    Add employees to start paying them salaries with social security

  • Approve Attendance

    Access geolocation and approve attendance

  • Payouts

    Ensure secure payouts on the set payout date

Customer registering himself to provide social security.

How does it work?

When you pay your employees using the TankhaPay, your employees receive their salaries in two parts-

  • Their in-hand salary, which is directly transferred into their bank accounts and can be used for daily expenses.

  • Contributions to government social security schemes of ESIC & EPF, through which they can receive benefits such as healthcare, retirement, insurance etc.

The employer can calculate the in-hand salary, contributions to social security benefits, and total expense of each employee in seconds using our payout calculator.

A seamless employee management experience

Our unique technology ensures that you can retain, manage and secure your employees, all by paying them through the TankhaPay app

KYC verification for receiving social security benefits
Verify KYC

Your employees will need to complete KYC in order to receive salaries through the TankhaPay app

Calculation of P.F. using payout calculator
Payout Calculator

Salary calculator allows you to create accurate salary structures for your employees in seconds

Managing the attendance of employees, so they get an accurate salary
Attendance Management

Approve or bypass attendance, access the employees' geolocations and choose to pay them each month on your selected date.

P.F. and ESIC getting deposited directly to the employee’s bank account
Auto Payouts

Monthly payouts disbursed automatically on the selected date, directly in the employees’ bank accounts

Registering employees so that they can receive social security benefits
Social Security Registration

All employees will be automatically enrolled in government social security of PF and ESIC and therefore become eligible for benefits of medical, pension and insurance.

Getting salary slips so that employees can check their salary distribution
Salary Slips

Your employees will receive a salary slip, with a bifurcation of salary, social security benefits and taxes, thereby ensuring transparency

Ensure a happier and more productive workplace!

Use the TankhaPay app to pay salaries to your employees and ensure more regular and productive employees who want to stay longer and are more motivated to work.