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Efficient Workforce Management
with TankhaPay

The TankhaPay app, together with its powerful Recruiter Partner Network, offers robust manpower solutions for your business.

Workforce management made easy
TankhaPay Recruiter Partner Network

Optimize Your Manpower Strategy with TankhaPay's Comprehensive Recruiter Network

Leverage the power of TankhaPay's pan-India recruiter partner network for your manpower consultancy needs. Our network expertly matches your business with skilled contract staff across various sectors, including e-commerce, startups, factories, warehouses, logistics, and MSMEs. This ensures not just manpower fulfillment but also the alignment of talent with your specific business objectives.

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Diverse Industry Reach

Our extensive network, inclusive of hundreds of specialized recruiters and dedicated account managers, combined with our advanced matching algorithm, accelerates the manpower hiring process. This powerful synergy ensures you connect with the most qualified candidates across various industries in significantly less time.

TankhaPay for Factories
TankhaPay for Logistics
TankhaPay for Manufacturing
TankhaPay for Warehouses
TankhaPay for IT/ ITeS
TankhaPay for Banking

End-to-End Workforce Management Solutions

Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing
Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing

Choose the best talent with our effective sourcing, tailored to meet your organizational manpower needs.

KYC & Seamless Onboarding
KYC & Seamless Onboarding

Streamline the joining process with our efficient KYC system, ensuring a smooth start for your manpower.

Advanced Attendance Tracking
Advanced Attendance Tracking

Optimize workforce management with our automated, accurate attendance tracking system.

Precision in Payroll Processing
Precision in Payroll Processing

Ensure timely and accurate salary disbursement for your manpower, maintaining financial efficiency.

Legal Compliance Assured
Legal Compliance Assured

Uphold legal standards, providing a secure and compliant environment for your workforce.

Empowering with Employee Self-Service
Empowering with Employee Self-Service

Enable your employees to manage their personal information effortlessly through our accessible self-service portals.

TankhaPay - Workforce Management

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Hiring and managing workers made easy with the TankhaPay app!

Take advantage of the TankhaPay recruiter partner network, along with the TankhaPay app and hire and manage workers seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled and even IT workers can be hired through TankhaPay. The industries include ITeS, warehouse, manufacturing, logistics, banking, government, IT etc.

Our vast recruiter network can help match the best candidates as per your job description. Further, the TankhaPay app can ensure smooth onboarding, worker management, social security and exit process.

TankhaPay is a social security app that works in compliance with government labour codes. It follows all norms, including PF/ESI, minimum wage, professional tax etc. Using TankhaPay ensures all compliances for workforce management.

Yes, TankhaPay will provide assistance to your workers in case they face issues accessing PF/ESI benefits.

Your workers can onboard the TankhaPay app as TankhaPay’s employees. You will be the principal employer and TankhaPay will be the contractual employer. Your workers can thus avail PF/ESI through TankhaPay.