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About Us

TankhaPay is a cloud-based workforce management solution that simplifies and integrates payroll, attendance tracking, work reports, compliance management, and social security benefits. Developed by AKAL, a renowned technology company with over 20 years of experience, TankhaPay empowers businesses of all sizes to manage their workforce efficiently.

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Our Mission

TankhaPay is on a mission to formalise more than half a billion unorganised workers in India.

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TankhaPay is designed to be a disruptive force in HR technology with its Next Gen WFM platform. This platform distinguishes itself by focusing on the future of work, prioritizing the management of talent networks over traditional hierarchies. It utilizes a "cloud-native" architecture that allows for the rapid development of modern applications, leveraging AI, cognitive interfaces, and natural language processing.

Workers received their salary with social security

Social Impact

India’s more than 450 million unorganised workforce lack the right to social benefits that the government offers to all organised workers, resulting in low wages and a lack of basic healthcare and retirement benefits thus pushing them below the poverty line.

Our unique platform offers all workers formal salaries along with healthcare and retirement benefits and insurance through various government schemes such as EPF & ESIC thereby providing them with a support system to help them stand up on their feet and secure a future for themselves and their families.

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