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Attendance tracking simplified

Enhance accuracy and efficiency in attendance management with an automated solution, designed to streamline processes and track workforce productivity.

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Automate attendance management

Transform attendance management with automation and advanced features like leave management, geolocation, and a self-service app for easy employee check-ins. Say goodbye to tedious bookkeeping and enjoy simplified tracking of employee productivity and smoother administrative workflows.

Geo-Smart Features

Leverage the check-in check out feature with real-time tracking of work hours, aiding in precise productivity assessment. Your employees can easily mark attendance on the TankhaPay app, with geolocation and selfie ensuring accuracy and authenticity, bolstered by geofencing technology for location-specific attendance.

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Highlighting Key Functions

Cutting-edge technology enabling advanced attendance management with easy to use features

Leave Templates

Easily manage employee leaves with predefined and custom leave templates


Set geographical boundaries to define permissible locations for attendance marking

Shift Management

Define and manage employee work shifts. Monitor and track the number of hours worked by employees, including overtime hours.

Attendance Reports

Gain insights on your workforce’s efficiency with comprehensive reports that provide attendance patterns, trends, and attendance records.

Bulk Attendance

Effortlessly manage attendance for all employees at once, saving time and enhancing efficiency

Real Time Attendance Updates

Receive instant and ongoing updates on employee attendance status for up-to-the-minute tracking

Integrate with your existing system!

  • Seamlessly integrate TankhaPay with existing systems, including biometric/ face recognition/ retina machines, etc., to enhance and streamline your workflow.

  • Ensure a cohesive ecosystem to provide a comprehensive view of employee performance and efficiency.

  • Bridge the gap between attendance tracking and workforce management and leverage accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions and boost operational efficiency.

Make attendance management a breeze!

Transform attendance management into an automated, stress-free experience and enhance operational workflows.