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About Us

Operated by AKAL Information Systems Ltd., TankhaPay is a comprehensive workforce management app designed to help employers automate payroll, efficiently manage attendance, and guarantee social security compliance for their workforce.
AKAL is a technology company that is changing the way workers are employed, paid, and looked after.

Serving the greater good

The idea and purpose behind AKAL is in its name, Akal i.e. beyond time. All of our processes and people are aligned to this higher objective of delivering timeless service for the greater good.

Vision of Akal Info

To generate equal work opportunities for all through technological innovations and global mobilisation

Mission of Akal Info

To become the largest human resource platform for unorganised workers of India

Our Values


We are honest in representing ourselves and our intentions are truthful.


We are always positive in our approach.

Customer Centricity
Customer Centricity

We get upside down to serve our customers


Long-lasting relationships are our strength and our topmost priority

Innovative solutions provided by AKAL


Akal is focused towards consistently creating new technologies to help turn India’s unorganised workforce to organised.

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Workers received their salary with social security

Social Impact

India’s more than 450 million unorganised workforce lack the right to social benefits that the government offers to all organised workers, resulting in low wages and a lack of basic healthcare and retirement benefits thus pushing them below the poverty line.

Our unique platform offers all workers formal salaries along with healthcare and retirement benefits and insurance through various government schemes such as EPF & ESIC thereby providing them with a support system to help them stand up on their feet and secure a future for themselves and their families.

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