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PF Form 19 – Benefits & How to Fill Form 19?

PF Form 19

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a government-supported retirement initiative, requiring monthly contributions from both employees and employers in the public and private sectors. Withdrawal of these funds is permitted at retirement, in case of incapacity to work, or upon leaving a job. To initiate the withdrawal process, individuals can complete and submit Form 19, a vital document for accessing the EPF account balance in specific situations. Read on to know all need about the significance and procedures associated with PF Form 19.

What is PF Form 19?

PF Form 19 becomes essential when members seek a final settlement for their PF account, particularly applicable to those without a Universal Account Number (UAN). The absence of a UAN doesn’t hinder the process; members simply need to provide their PF account number for the final settlement or pension withdrawal benefits.

The EPFO offers a range of PF forms, each designed for specific purposes. Accessible through the EPFO Portal using the UAN, these forms cater to various needs. Here’s an overview of some crucial EPF forms:

Form Purpose Description
Declaration and nomination form New employees registering for EPF.
Pension withdrawal Application for pension withdrawal.
Pension withdrawal application after retirement For claiming pension post-retirement.
Auto transfer of EPF account Facilitates the automatic transfer of the EPF account.
EPF account transfer Transfer EPF funds from one account to another.
Withdrawal for contribution to LIC policy Withdrawal for contributing to a LIC policy.
EPF withdrawal General EPF withdrawal application.
EPF withdrawal in case of death of a member Application for EPF withdrawal in case of the member’s demise.
Advances/Withdrawal Application for EPF advances or withdrawals.
Insurance claim after a member’s demise Claiming insurance benefits following the demise of a member.

These forms, pivotal for various situations, ensure a streamlined process when appropriately filled and submitted to the EPFO.

Important Points to Remember While Filing Form 19

There are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind when you are filing your PF Form 19:

  • EPF withdrawal Form 19 can be filled only after two months of leaving the job or upon retirement.
  • The employee must provide their mobile number for the final settlement process.
  • The form can be filled both online (via EPF Member Portal) and offline.
  • PAN details are mandatory when claiming a final settlement.
  • For the offline settlement process, the employer’s signature and organisation seal are mandatory.
    • EPF Form No.: Form – 19
    • Purpose: Final settlement
    • EPF Form 19 Download Link: https://epfindia.gov.in/site_docs/PDFs/Downloads_PDFs/Form19.pdf
    • Eligibility: All existing employees seeking to close their EPF account
    • Mandatory: Yes (for final settlement)
    • How to Fill the Form: Both online and offline options are available.
    • When to Fill: At least 2 months after leaving the company.

These key points provide a comprehensive understanding of the EPF Form 19 process, ensuring a smooth and accurate submission for those looking to close their existing EPF account.

Who Needs Form 19?

PF Form 19 should be filled by employees holding a provident fund account who wish to withdraw their EPF amount either at the time of retirement or upon resigning from a job. It is specifically used for the withdrawal process in these instances.

Additionally, it’s important to note that an employee must be unemployed for a minimum of two months after leaving a job to utilise Form 19 for withdrawal. However, in the case of switching jobs from one organisation to another, the PF amount will be transferred from the previous account to the current one, without the need for withdrawal using Form 19.

How Form 19 Looks

EPF Form 19 is a two-page document, each page serving a specific purpose.

Page 1

  • The first page collects essential information, including:
  • Name, father’s/husband’s name, and date of birth
  • Name and address of the factory/establishment
  • PF account number and/or Universal Account Number (UAN)
  • Date of leaving the service and reason for leaving
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Full postal address
  • Mode of payment – options include money order at your expense, account payee cheque, or electronic mode of payment

Page 2

The second page is an advance stamped receipt. This section is to be filled out only if you choose a cheque as the mode of payment, and it includes details such as a revenue stamp of Re 1.

This format ensures a systematic and comprehensive collection of information for the EPF withdrawal process, making the procedure clear and straightforward for the individual initiating the withdrawal.

How to Fill EPF Form 19 Online

If you decide to settle your PF account after leaving a job, you can complete EPF Form 19 online. Follow these steps:

  • Access your UAN account on the EPF Member Portal.
  • Click on “Claim (Form – 31, 19, 10C & 10D)” located in the “Online Services” section.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your linked bank account and click on “Verify.”
  • Click on “Yes” to sign the “Certificate of Undertaking.”
  • Choose the option “Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)” from the drop-down menu in the “I want to apply for” section.
  • A new section of the form will appear where you need to mention your complete address. Tick the disclaimer and click on “Get Aadhaar OTP.”
  • Enter the OTP sent to the number registered with UIDAI (Aadhaar) in the space provided and submit your application.
  • After successful submission, a reference number will be generated.
  • The withdrawal amount will be deposited in the bank account linked with your UAN within 15-20 days.

Pre-requisites for Filling EPF Form 19 Online

  1. Activate your UAN at the EPF member portal.
  2. Ensure your bank account and PAN are linked with UAN.
  3. Your mobile number should be linked with UAN.
  4. EPF Form 19 will only be displayed if you are eligible for final settlement.
  5. If EPF withdrawal Form 19 is present, Form 10C will also be available as an option.

Benefits of PF Form 19

These benefits collectively contribute to a more seamless and user-centric approach to provident fund withdrawal, aligning with modern e-governance principles for enhanced convenience and transparency. Let’s go through one by one:

  • No Employer’s Attestation Required: The online submission process for provident fund withdrawal through PF Form 19 eliminates the need for employer attestation, streamlining the application process for members.
  • Quick Processing of Claims: Online provident fund claims can be processed within up to 5 days after submission, providing a faster and more efficient withdrawal experience for members.
  • Aadhaar Number Linkage: To utilise the online process, the member’s Aadhaar number must be linked with their UAN, enhancing the security and authentication of the withdrawal application.
  • Unified Portal Convenience: The unified portal offers members easy access to withdraw provident funds, creating a user-friendly experience and simplifying the overall process.
  • Single-Page Composite Claim Form: The introduction of a single-page composite claim form signifies the next phase of e-governance, promoting transparency and efficiency in public services for subscribers.

Limitation of PF Form 19

While employer attestation is no longer mandatory for provident fund withdrawal, the final settlement is contingent upon the employer updating the member’s exit date. Without this update, the provident fund department may assume the member is still employed, causing delays in the withdrawal process.

In such cases, members can only access Form 31 for an advance refund. It becomes the member’s responsibility to ensure the employer updates the exit of service. However, members can independently update the date of exit on the UAN website without employer intervention, but this can only be done after 2 months of employment exit. This step is crucial to facilitate a smooth and timely withdrawal process.

Composite Claim Form (For Offline EPF Withdrawal ONLY)

The Composite Claim Form is a consolidated document encompassing EPF Form 19, Form 10C, and Form 31. While Form 19 is completed for PF final settlement, Form 10C is used for pension withdrawal, and Form 31 is employed for partial EPF withdrawal, the Composite Claim Form is uniquely designed for offline fund withdrawal.

Combining all three forms’ essential details into one, the Composite Claim Form simplifies the offline withdrawal process, providing a comprehensive and streamlined approach for individuals seeking various forms of EPF withdrawals.

FAQs about PF Form 19

For tax savings on EPF withdrawal (for amounts exceeding ₹50,000 with a service period of less than 5 years), Form 15G must be submitted. Attach 2 copies of the form when submitting offline.

Total service in present and previous employment is considered during EPF withdrawal.

No, a revenue stamp is not required for online applications. For offline submissions, affix a ₹1 revenue stamp and cross-sign for cheque payments.

Yes, EPF settlement can be claimed through cheque by specifying the withdrawal amount, attaching a ₹1 revenue stamp, and signing the form.

If cumulative service is less than 10 years, EPS funds remain in the PF account and can be claimed later using Form 10C. If over 10 years, EPS withdrawal is not allowed, but eligibility for EPS pension at age 58 remains.

Form 19 is submitted to close the PF account. It is applicable to workers without a UAN, requiring only the PF account number for submission.

With an Aadhaar card, submit a Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar) directly to the EPFO office, attaching a cancelled cheque for the entire PF balance transfer to your bank account.

Form 19 is used for the final settlement of EPF upon leaving a job. It is necessary to withdraw funds from the EPF account.

Normally, it takes 20 days to settle a claim or release the PF amount when the complete form is submitted to the concerned EPFO Office.

Yes, with the introduction of the Composite Claims Form by the EPFO, subscribers can request either partial or complete withdrawal of their PF amount online. This can be done through the EPFO member portal or the UAN site for a convenient and streamlined process.

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